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Walsall is a metropolitan borough located in the West Midlands region of England with a population of approximately 287,000 people. The housing options in Walsall are diverse, with a mix of council housing, privately-owned homes, and new developments. The area is known for its community initiatives, including the annual Walsall Festival, which celebrates the town’s rich cultural heritage, and the Walsall Arboretum, a beautiful park with many community events throughout the year. The local entertainment scene is thriving, with popular venues like the Walsall Arena and the Light Cinema, which attracts visitors from across the region. Walsall’s economy is diverse, with a range of industries including advanced manufacturing, retail, and logistics. The town is home to many national and international companies, including Jaguar Land Rover and DFS Furniture.

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Walsall Population

The population graphic above highlights changes in Walsall’s population over time, while the diversity graphic compares local diversity to the national average, giving a snapshot of the area’s cultural makeup.

Walsall Diversity

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