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Luton is an urban local authority located in the county of Bedfordshire, with a population of over 214,000 people. The area has a diverse housing stock, with a mix of Victorian and Edwardian terraces, post-war semis and modern apartment buildings. The local community is highly active, with numerous initiatives such as the Luton Foodbank, which provides emergency food and support for those in need, and the Luton Carnival, one of the largest one-day events in Europe that celebrates the town’s cultural diversity. In terms of entertainment, Luton has a number of venues such as the Hat Factory Arts Centre and the Luton Library Theatre, which host a range of events and performances throughout the year. The local economy is dominated by industries such as aviation, with London Luton Airport being a significant employer, as well as retail, with the Mall Luton shopping centre being one of the largest in the area.

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Luton Population

The population graphic above highlights changes in Luton’s population over time, while the diversity graphic compares local diversity to the national average, giving a snapshot of the area’s cultural makeup.

Luton Diversity

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