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Liverpool is a metropolitan borough with an estimated population of over 500,000 residents. The city offers a diverse range of housing options, including the famous Victorian terraces in areas such as Toxteth and Georgian townhouses in the Georgian Quarter. Liverpool is known for its strong sense of community and hosts a number of events throughout the year, including the Liverpool International Music Festival, Liverpool Pride, and the Liverpool International Horse Show. The city is also home to a variety of cultural venues, including the Liverpool Empire Theatre, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, and the Tate Liverpool art museum. In terms of its economy, Liverpool has a strong history in the shipping industry and has been undergoing a period of regeneration in recent years, with a focus on sectors such as digital, creative, and life sciences. Notable employers in the area include Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool Football Club, and the NHS.

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Liverpool Population

The population graphic above highlights changes in Liverpool’s population over time, while the diversity graphic compares local diversity to the national average, giving a snapshot of the area’s cultural makeup.

Liverpool Diversity

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