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City Search offers flexible pricing options tailored to your needs with the use of our credit system. Choose from a one-off credit purchase, with discounted prices if you buy in bulk, or buy credits on a subscription basis to save even more and get the best value for your real estate research.

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Where does City Search get their data?

City Search sources its data primarily from official government sources and adheres to the government’s open data policy for its use. Additionally, we utilize publicly available data and artificial intelligence in certain cases.

What types of reports and analytics are available on City Search?

We provide reports at the local authority level and at the neighbourhood level for all of England and Wales! Neighbourhood analysis is provided at the post code district level. Users can also explore data and our unique indices our interactive map.

How often is the data and information on City Search updated?

We strive to update the data and information on City Search every 3-6 months. However, please note that some data is not produced frequently. As such, we update the data whenever it becomes available.

Can I purchase individual reports, or do I need to subscribe to a plan?

Yes! We offer flexible pricing options for purchasing reports and accessing the interactive map. Each are purchased with a single credit and can be bought in bundles, or one at a time. Pricing options are outlined on this page.

Is City Search available for users outside of the United Kingdom?

Absolutely! City Search is fully accessible for users outside of the United Kingdom. Our services and features are available to users worldwide.